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PCB Capability 


for the prototype for the batch items
2-38 2-20



PTFE, PPO, PPE FR-4, Ceramic Substrate board, Aluminum based board, High-Tg Board Material Type
6layer-8layer 4layer-6layer Compound Material Lamination
  610mm*1100mm Maximum Dimention
±0.10mm ±0.13mm Dimension Tolerance
 0.2mm-0.8mm  0.2mm-6mm Board thickness coverage 
  ±5%  ±8%

Board thickness tolerance 


  ±8%  ±10% 

Board thickness toleranc


 0.07mm-1mm  0.076mm-6mm DK thickness 
0.075mm   0.1mm  Min line width
0.075mm   0.1mm Min line space 
 8.75um-280um  8.75um-175um  Out layer copper thickness
  17.5um-175um  17.5um-175um  Inner layer copper thickness
 0.15mm-0.25mm  0.25mm-6mm

Drilling hole diameter

(Mechanic cal drill)

 0.1mm-0.2mm  0.2mm-6mm

Finished hole diameter

(Mechanical drill) 


Hole diameter tolerance

(Mechanical drill) 

 0.05mm 0.075mm

Hole position tolerance

(Mechanical drill) 

 0.075  0.1mm Laser drill hole size 
 12:1  10:1 Board thickness and hole diameter ratio 
   Green, Yellow, Black, Purple, Blue, White, Red Solder mask type 
 0.075mm  0.1mm Minimum solder mask Dam 
 0.025mm  0.05mm Minimum size of solder mask separation ring 
0.6mm-0.8mm   0.25mm-0.6mm solder mask oil plug hole diameter 
±5%   ±10% impedanece control tolerance 
 Immersion Tin, OSP  Hot Air Level, ENIG, Immersion silver, Gold plating, Immersion tin, Gold Finger Surface finish 




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